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Fredericksburg, Texas has a wide array of extraordinary art galleries. From bronze sculptures to one-of-a-kind oil paintings, Fredericksburg art creators and dealers feature rare and spell-binding treasures all along Main Street and beyond.

The West End of Main Street has a row of art galleries on the North Side of the street, between N. Orange St. and N. Crockett St.

Cowboy Bronze features exceptional bronze western art, capturing the trials and spirit of the American cowboy. Hats off to the late, great Cowboy and Artist Bub Vickers who molded high standards for the caliber of western art allowed in this esteemed Fredericksburg, Texas gallery.

Artisans features just Texas artists, with a keen bias to Fredericksburg area artists. Even more refining, the gallery features a wide variety of genres, from wood sculptures, to glass moldings, to bronze jewelry.

RS Hanna Gallery features the premiere art selections of Shannon Hanna, featuring western, contemporary and inspirational works loyal followers expect from this experienced and discriminating dealer.

Insight Gallery holds some of the most exquisite and creative works in the industry. Owners Elizabeth and Stephen Harris have established a reputation for collecting and consigning art throughout their two floors in this historic Main Street building on par with what is expected at a New York City gallery.

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