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If you don’t already, you should know Germans like to drink, and Fredericksburg, TX is filled with citizens who assume every good get-together includes a fermented beverage. At one time, there was a saloon on just about every Main Street block, and even today, there’s enough bar options to meet your German expectations.

Der Daiwel means “O, you devil!” in German — a phrase that could be replaced by, “O, you rascal!” And if you ever wanted to create a heavy metal Cheers, this would be it. It’s a small bar that has attracted young, musically minded locals who like to sit back and solve the world’s problems, as well as have a few laughs. And, because the music is kept low, that’s totally possible. Owners Vicky and Carol will tell you they might welcome some more customers, “but not too many more.” Because, then it wouldn’t be a heavy metal Cheers. Who knows, they may have an open stool for one or two more.

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