Lone Star Candy Bar


A map of the location of Lone Star Candy Bar254 E. Main St.830-990-9100

Try every one if you dare, The Lone Star Candy Bar offers 40 flavors of fresh homemade fudge, 36 flavors of Jelly Belly?s, 36 flavors of saltwater taffy, 21 colors of M & Ms and so much more. In the small Main Street building that looks like it was meant for a candy store, try chocolate dipped items like: bacon, pickles, jalapenos, Twinkies and divinity rolls, then wash it down with Dublin Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar. Then, try Alligator Ice Slushies and you can make your own colorful Pixie Stix with the Pucker Powder Dispenser. Had enough? Three more words: cinnamon glazed nuts.

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